Welcome to The 5 Subject School System where I combine 5 elements that I find are the MOST important and crucial for anyone looking to better themselves in this ever changing new age.


What is the 5 Subject School System?

This is a set of 5 elements created to revolutionize the thought processes of people living in the 21st Century today, and in a generation that simply can’t be narrowed down to one name because of its non-stop changing of society.

I focus on the 5 elements that will help ANYONE in seeking to live the best life that they can. By combining the elements such as self- confidence, mindfulness and seeking true happiness, opening doors for a better future is endless and has never been easier.

I have spent the last 5 years of my life learning, living, and currently loving the transformation that these 5 elements have given me not only in personal development but also business.

After countless books and having to create solutions for some of the biggest issues i had been facing in my early years, i made it my mission to revolutionize the modern school system and ensure the integration of these elements because of the importance of each, i believe should be integrated into younger education.

That being said, i strongly believe that the importance of taking action is equally if not more important in getting the best results in life. I will teach you my proven method of combing the skills of practical thinking while also being able to understand and use your intuition. Finding a balance of both will give you the skills of knowing exactly what YOU should do differently to better a particular aspect in life.


"My goal isn't to motivate you with my story, Its to motivate you to create an amazing story for yourself."

Christian Axios
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